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Information Lifecycle Management mittels XML Technologien

We offer IT Services for content management and information retrieval. Our customers are coming from the public domain, media, health care sector, and information providers / portals. In this respect we are specialized in the development of customized IT- and administrative processes ranging from consulting, software products to integrated solutions.

Information Lifecycle Management: XML Authoring , XML Search, Lumrix, X2U, XML Editor
  • define your own XML documents
  • creating your own XML document, document type definition and / or schema - intuitive document editing - versatile rendering and presentation with style sheets
  • multiple views of XML documents through stylesheets
  • intelligent search functions
  • supported standards: DTD, XML-Schema, XML-Forms
  • Index documents like: Text, MS Office, PDF, HTML, XML, RDF, etc.
  • define your own search domains
  • precise retrieval of documents through relations (Topic Maps)
  • integration with standard interfaces in various applications

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